Table 4

Minimal clinically important difference (MCID) attainment, expectation fulfillment, and satisfaction at different time intervals (n = 103).

VariableEarly RTW (n = 42)Late RTW (n = 61) P Value
Comparison at 6 months, %
 Attained MCID for NP31.044.30.173
 Attained MCID for AP40.531.10.329
 Attained MCID for JOA71.470.50.918
 Attained MCID for NDI50.068.90.054
 Attained MCID for PCS61.963.90.834
 Expectation fulfilled85.773.80.146
Comparison at 2 years, %
 Attained MCID for NP40.542.60.828
 Attained MCID for AP40.527.90.181
 Attained MCID for JOA64.378.70.106
 Attained MCID for NDI54.872.10.069
 Attained MCID for PCS66.768.90.815
 Expectation fulfilled88.175.40.110
  • JOA, Japanese Orthopaedic Association; MCS, Mental Component Summary; NDI, Neck Disability Index; NPD, neck pain and disability; NS, neurogenic symptoms; PCS, Physical Component Summary; RTW, return to work.