Table 3

Patient characteristics.

No.GenderAge at fusion surgery (yrs)Age at non-fusion surgery (yrs)Previous fusion segmentPain free period after fusion (m)Interval between fusion and non-fusion surgery (m)Feature of ASPRecent non-fusion segmentPedicle-based dynamic stabilization systemClinical ASP after non-fusion surgeryRadiologic ASP after non-fusion surgery
1M4959L3-472120Stenosis at L4-5 DDD at L2-3, L4-5L4-5Dynesys++
2F6067L4-5-S1Persistent pain84Stenosis & DDD at L3-4L3-4DynesysPersistent pain+
3F5661L4-5-S1Persistent pain60Stenosis & DDD at L3-4L3-4DynesysPersistent pain+
4M6368L4-5-S11256Stenosis at L3-4L3-4Dynesys--
5F4960L4-596120Stenosis, DDD & SPL at L2-3-4L2-3-4-5DynesysPersistent pain-
6F5661L3-4-53660Stenosis at L2-3L2-3Dynesys--
7F6163L4-5Persistent pain26Stenosis at L3-4-5 SPL at L4-5L3-4-5Dynesys++
8F4859L4-548120Stenosis & DDD at L3-4L3-4Dynesys--
9F6270L4-58294Stenosis & DDD at L3-4L3-4Dynesys--
10F5157L4-5-S12070Stenosis & DDD at L3-4L3-4Dynesys--
11F5865L4-5-S13682Stenosis at L1-2-3L1-2-3Dynesys--
12F6769L4-52022Stenosis & DDD at L2-3-4L2-3-4NFlex-+
13F6470L4-5-S11260Stenosis at L3-4L3-4NFlex+-
14F4346L3-4Persistent pain25Stenosis & DDD at L4-5L4-5NFlex+-
15F5657L2-3Persistent pain6Stenosis at L4-5L4-5NFlex--
  • DDD: degenerative disc disease; SPL: spondylolisthesis; ‘+’: developed, ‘-’: absent.