Table 4

Review of published case series on minimally invasive resection of synovial cysts through tubular retractor.

Present studySandhu et al, 2004Sehati et al, 2006James et al, 2012Sukkarieh et al, 2015
Patients characteristics
n of patients5317191613
Mean age6364646766
% of synovial cyst at L4-575%82%84%56%69%
% of Grade 1 spondylolisthesis34%47%11%56%31%
Operative Data
Operative time (min)18297158105123
Average blood loss (ml)413531<4044
% patients discharged within 24 hours from surgery80%82%68%50%>50%
Mean length of follow-up (months) 14.8 ± 33.713 ± 11.016 (range 4-29 mo)14 ± 9.420.8 ± 16.9
Outcome (Macnab modified criteria)
Fair9%0%5%0%? *
Poor2%6%0%0%? *
Intraoperative CSF leak4%6%11%12.5%0%
Postoperative symptomatic csf leak2%0%0%0%0%
Postoperative instability requiring lumbar fusion6%6%0%0%0%
Recurrence or new synovial cyst at the same level4%0%0%0%0%
  • * Authors reported patients as having persistent pain without specifying if the pain improved or stayed the same.