Table 2

Nonparametric Binomial Tests for the Proportion of Paradoxical Motions in LTDR

LTDRNProportion of Paradoxical Motion Mean (SD)Test w/Test Proportion
Total530.264 (0.445)*LD Total0.067



0.269 (0.452)
LTDR Extension
Extension270.259 (0.447)
L4-5260.192 (0.402)
L2-3110.364 (0.505)*LTDR L4-50.192
L5-S1160.313 (0.479)*LTDR L4-50.192
1Mo100.400 (0.516)
1Yr190.211 (0.419)*LTDR 1Mo0.4
2Yr240.250 (0.442)*LTDR 1Mo0.4
Mono-segmental340.265 (0.448)
Bi-segmental190.263 (0.452)LTDR 1-level0.265
  • Comparison of total cases between LTDR and LD and comparison of LTDR cases between each motion, level, post-operative time-point and number-of-operation.

  • * Significantly different with changes in testing proportion