Table 3

Comparison of readmission rates from this study with that of the peer-reviewed literature on outpatient ACDF.

Number of outpatient ACDF patientsReadmission rate
Silvers et al., 199650NR
Stieber et al., 2005300%
Villavicencio et al., 20071031.9%
Erickson et al., 2007580%
Liu et al., 2009450%
Garringer et al., 2010645NR
Trahan et al., 2011591.7%
Lied et al., 2013961.0%
Tally et al., 20131190%
McGirt et al., 20151,168NR*
Adamson et al., 20161,0002.2%
Present study1,5285.4%
  • NR = Not reported.

  • * = Did not specifically report readmission rate; rate of “major morbidity” (surgical site infection, new neurological deficit, stroke, reintubation, deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, postoperative hematoma, return to operating room within 30 days) was 0.94%.