Table 4

More than 75% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with these five statements.

Questions in which > 75% of respondents agreed or strongly agreedPercent who agree or strongly agree
Despite the limited compensation I ultimately receive from treating Medicare patients, I feel a moral obligation to treat these patients.84.6%
Physicians at tertiary referral centers will be viewed as more aggressive in performing fusion and complex fusion without information such as comorbidities and percent of cases that are referred revisions.76.9%
I am in favor of more transparency in quality and in management of healthcare costs.86.2%
Without data on long-term cost of care, the CMS data does not represent spine surgery accurately because there are high initial expenditures.83.1%
Because of the complexity of this database, patients are less likely to use this data, and it is more likely to be used by special interest groups and malpractice attorneys78.5%