Table 1

Lumbar Spine Demographic.

DRG Size (mm)LeftRight
Width: mean3.
Width: sem0.
DRG RegionLeftRight
Zone: mean3.
Zone: sem0.
Intervertebral Foramina Size (mm)LeftRight
AP: mean6.
AP: sem0.
PP: mean7.28.19.410.
PP: sem1.
Pedicle width (medial to lateral) (mm)LeftRight
Width: mean7.
Width: sem0.
Nerve Root AngleLeftRight
Angle (rounded to nearest 10th)50.552.255.257.458.850.552.
  • Key: DRG Region zone 1 and 2: intraspinal; zone 3: medial neuroforamina; zone 4: lateral neuroforamina; zone 5: extraforaminal space. Intervertebral Foraminal Size. Anteriorposterior (AP): maximal distance from posterior body/disk to facet joint. Pedicle to pedicle (PP) distance: inferior border of upper to superior border of lower pedicle. SEM: standard error of the mean. Angle determined via sin(O) = right/diagonal.