Table 3

The linear regression model on leg pain relief.

Co-variateEffectp-valueEstimate95% confidence intervals
Ageper year0.57-0.01-0.050.03
Sexfemale vs. male0.660.17-0.610.95
Disc herniationno vs. yes0.68-0.17-1.000.66
Number of segmentsmono- vs. bisegmental0.0290.930.101.77
Treated segmentL3-4 vs. L5-S1<0.001-3.69-5.66-1.71
L4-5 vs. L5-S10.310.44-0.421.30
Back pain atbaselineper point0.830.02-0.150.19
Leg pain atbaselineper point<0.0010.830.700.96
TreatmentVTDR vs. ALIF<0.0012.121.123.13
Follow-upintervalper month0.990.00-0.040.04
  • Co-variates associated with the back pain relief are bold.