Table 4

Data analysis of ODI scores and pairwise comparisons.

Descriptive Statistics
ODI preoperative66.2610.55423
ODI early operative20.3012.19723
ODI 2-y postoperative6.8712.28223
Pairwise Comparisons
Measure: ODI
(I) Time(J) TimeMean Difference (IJ)Std. Error P Valueb 95% CI for Differenceb
Lower BoundUpper Bound
1245.957a 2.075<0.00140.57951.334
359.391a 2.823<0.00152.07766.705
21−45.957a 2.075<0.001−51.334−40.579
313.435a 1.037<0.00110.74916.121
31−59.391a 2.823<0.001−66.705−52.077
2−13.435a 1.037<0.001−16.121−10.749
  • Note: Based on estimated marginal means.

  • aThe mean difference is significant at the.

  • bAdjustment for multiple comparisons: Bonferroni.

  • ODI, Oswestry Disability Index.