Table 2

Summary of symptoms and diagnostic findings.

Symptoms & findingsCase 1Case 2Case 3
Late onset back- or abdominal pain YesYesNo
Fever NoNoNo
Local signs of infection Painful swellingPainful swellingFistula
ESR, CRP & WBC on presentation ESR 43 CRP 49 WBC 12,3ESR 32 CRP 24 WBC 8,9ESR 24 CRP 30 WBC 10
Suspect radiographs NoScrew looseningNo
Bonescintigraphy indicating infection NoYesNo
CT- or MRI-scan showing abscess or fistula YesYesYes
Time from onset of symptoms to diagnosis 29 months2 days4 months
Time between implant placement and removal 78 months59 months106 months
Macroscopic findings on revision surgery Fibrotic and granulation tissuePus, granulation tissue, abscessFibrotic and granulation tissue, puspocket
Identified pathogen P. AcnesNo pathogen identifiedS. Aureus