Table 2

Preoperative estimation of mean values of SF-36 for men and women.

PF preopRP preopBP preopGH preop
Total 47.387.20721.965.67231.435.3664.54.743
Male 47.688.441226.16431.345.4564.374.978
Female 47.085.81921.925.21631.535.3464.634.558
t test p=0.717U Mann Whitney p=0.963t test p=0.882U Mann Whitney p=0.988
V preopSF preopRE preopMH preop
Total 46.35.14350.716.65950.877.0870.837.641
Male 46.394.65950.766.28450.896.8870.797.868
Female 46.215.64850.667.09950.847.3770.877.513
t test p=0.877t test p=0,946t test p=0.974t test p=0.989