Table 3

Operative Factors and Blood-related Outcomes of Patients who Underwent Posterior Spine Fusion for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Tranexamic acid n=18No tranexamic acid n=18
VariableMean(sd)Median [range]Mean(sd)Median [range]Pvalue
Number of levels fused10.5 (2.2)11.09.6(2.0)10.00.21
Number of osteotomies1.6 (2.5)[0-8]0.9 (1.6)[0-5]0.34
Duration of operation (hours)6.1(1.1)6.06.1(1.2)6.31.00
Estimated blood loss (ml)474 (382)285583 (316)5000.12
Est. blood loss/level fused (ml)44 (31)3361(33)460.06
Percent total blood volume lost12.1(8.8)8.2317.3 (8.8)14.30 0.03
Percent TBV lost/level fused1.1(0.7)1.01.8 (1.0)1.0tf3-10.05
  • TBV: total blood volume

  • * p=0.048, Bold = p<0.05, Est.: estimated, ml: milliliters